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Opalescence™ PF 10%, 15%, 20%, 35%, and 45%

Carbamide Peroxide with Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride

For use with customized take-home whitening trays, Opalescence PF tooth whitening gel offers many options for patients. With its easy syringe delivery, Opalescence PF whitening gel is easily customizable for each patient’s individual situation. The gel contains 20% water to prevent dehydration, and the sticky, viscous formula helps keep the gel and tray in place. With five concentrations and three flavors, patients can completely customize their whitening experience.

  • Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride)
  • Formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse
  • Five concentrations for treatment flexibility
  • Three flavors: Mint, Melon, and Regular
  • Day or night wear
  • Sticky, viscous gel won’t migrate to soft tissues and ensures tray stays securely in place
  • Vegan—no animal products used
  • Certified gluten free
  • Certified kosher


Opalescence PF
Opalescence PF

The #1 Professional Teeth Whitening Brand on the Planet

If your patients are looking for the best teeth whitening experience and results, Opalescence PF teeth whitening can deliver. It is used with customized teeth whitening trays to provide the personalized approach that patients want, while the powerful teeth whitening gel gives them the results they deserve. With over 30 years of experience, more than 50 teeth whitening awards earned, and over 100 million smiles brightened, Opalescence teeth whitening is the #1 professional teeth whitening brand on the planet for a reason.

Opalescence Go
Global Whitening Leader

Opalescence PF teeth whitening's easy syringe delivery, five concentrations of carbamide peroxide (10%, 15%, 20%, 35%, and 45%), and three great-tasting flavors (Mint, Melon, and Regular) allow for maximum treatment flexibility based on your patient’s needs. Opalescence PF teeth whitening gel is vegan—no animal products are used. It is also certified gluten free and certified kosher, so it fits in with the lifestyles and beliefs of patients from diverse backgrounds.

Gluten Free
Opalescence PF Before and After Opalescence PF model
Opalescence PF Tray

The Best Way To Whiten Teeth

For over 30 years Opalescence teeth whitening systems have helped patients get bright white smiles in safe, trusted, and reliable ways. Our products whiten teeth chemically, using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, and don’t rely on LED teeth whitening lights, activated charcoal, or other fads.

The carbamide peroxide in Opalescence PF teeth whitening gel whitens teeth by chemically removing discoloration deep in the enamel and dentin. Our original whitening gel formula is also sticky and viscous, preventing the gel from migrating during treatment and helping to keep the tray in place. This results in a whitening treatment that is more comfortable and effective, which means the patient receives the best teeth whitening experience possible.

Opalescence PF Tray

At-Home Teeth Whitening Done Right

Opalescence PF teeth whitening offers patients a personalized professional teeth whitening experience in the comfort of their own home. The customized whitening trays are tailored to the patient’s smile, enhancing patient comfort and providing them the attention their smile deserves. Its efficient syringe delivery is simple to use with the custom trays and allows for the patient to dispense just the right amount of whitening gel necessary for each application. Depending on the concentration used, Opalescence PF teeth whitening can be worn day or night to better fit the patient’s lifestyle.

Opalescence PF Day or Night

Create an At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for Your Patients

While each Opalescence teeth whitening kit is effective as a stand-alone teeth whitening treatment, many patients benefit from using a combination of products to meet their needs. Because each Opalescence teeth whitening product works in combination with the others, it is easy to create a customized teeth whitening kit for any patient to take home. For example, Opalescence PF whitening is a great way to follow-up an Opalescence™ Boost™ in-office whitening treatment and go perfectly with the daily use of Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste.

Opalescence PF model Opalescence PF model
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